This webpage is dedicated to the collection of the best artworks by Feeza Jazz. She considered herself a liberal experiential impressionist artist currently living in Namibia. Liberal means no specific rule is applied in her painting expression. What is important to her is the message and aesthetic value from her work. She travels to many parts of the world and like to capture her beautiful thoughts and experiences through her paintings. As a full-time artist, she likes to share her paintings with as many people as possible, as a gesture of her gratefulness to the Creator for giving her this artistic talent and in her quests to find and connect to the mystery of tranquility.If you happen to enjoy her work, do not forget to ‘Like’ at the bottom of each painting that you choose.

Besides her readily available paintings, Feeza Jazz does accept request on case by case basis for customize paintings for company, personal memories, experiences, or something beautiful to be captured in paintings. You can leave your detail at the Contact section on the front page of this website, stating your interest, so that she can get back to you and work on your request the soonest.